New Video Poem!

I have made a new video poem called “My Goodbye Letter to the Oscars” where I discuss my thoughts and criticism of the Academy Awards. This discussion includes talking about #oscarssowhite and sexism within the Academy.

I made this poem in a relatively short amount of time as it is a timely piece. In thinking about the Oscars a bit recently I felt compelled to make this poem.

My goodbye letter to the oscars

My Goodbye Letter to the Oscars

I remember watching the Oscars for the first time in 2007. My seven-year-old eyes were mesmerized by the spectacle and shero Ellen Degeneres hosting. I’d never seen anything like it and loved it so much I watched it twice. Over the years, the glitz and glamour of the show fell away as I grew to recognize the lack of diversity the Oscars celebrates. Year after year, I’ve found the nominations to be more interesting to say the least.

I guess some might say it’s more progressive this year being that a record high of 62 women were nominated. But that only accounts for one-third of the nominations and no women were recognized for best director. Not a surprise, as only 5 have been nominated for the best director award in the 91 years of the Oscar’s existence. And only one, Katherine Bigelow, has won in hertory. Then there’s the fact that only 13 female-directed films have ever been nominated for the best picture award.

And let me get started with #oscarssowhite. This year only two people of color, Cynthia Erivo and Antonio Banderas, were nominated for the best actor awards. Out of 20 nominees. Only one movie that is very inclusive of diversity, Parasite, was nominated for best picture this year.

It is an atrocity that no Asian woman has ever won the best actress award. And only one, Merle Oberon, has ever been nominated for the category. Making history in 1935. A black actress has not won the best actress award since 18 years ago when Hallie Berry won the award for her performance in Monster’s Ball. Then, only 5 Latinx American actors have ever won the best actor oscar. 

And to note, when someone who is diverse is awarded at this ceremony it is usually for performances of stereotypical roles such as a slave, servant, or criminal. This trend needs to be called out. 

And about the Academy, their representation is an abomination with 68% of it being male and 84% white out of their 9,537 academy members. 

I’m sick of this white-washed male-gazed 

Societally-merited parade

So no, I won’t be thanking the Academy.

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