RAICES Fundraiser Art Showcase

What an amazing night our RAICES Art Showcase Fundraiser was. We raised $947 which was $447 over our $500 goal!!!! This event was organized by Piper Toohey-Olsen and I. There were amazing performances by Jaime Lambey, Magnus Youth, Cora Thomas (@corathomas), Alyssa Cruz (alyssacruz___), Peter Lawson, Marissa Huber (@absolutelymarissa), Arwyn (@sanrioslime_), Lauren Lemieux (@littlelemieux), Elàn Bustillos (@elanbus), and Piper Toohey-Olsen (@piperforever). I also performed my poems “Race” and “I Will Slam This Poem Into the Wall”. Awesome visual art by Rebekah Kamer (@_rebekahruth), Kate Willman (@cascadiacowgirl), Braden Dose, Bird Lindquist (@schoolbusofficial), Cassie Rossow (@pours_by_cass), Rose Santana (@santanas_sketches), and Lucille were featured as well.

Visual Artists
Organizers Piper and I

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